We offer wire for all types of recycling balers, including Vertical, Down stroke, Horizontal, Open End, Auto Tie and 2-Ram baler wire.
We have pre-looped, single looped bale ties, Galvanized Bale ties, black annealed wire for auto-ties and more. If you need wire for your recycling or warehouse baler, we have it. Whether your needs call for wire that is bundled, boxed, coiled or on stands, we have the baler wire you are looking for at warehouse pricing. If you are not sure what type of wire you need for your Baler.

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Phone: 515-897-1297
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We received our wire order today. Your fast delivery for bale wire over the years has been excellent


Always great customer service for our bale tie wire needs


Thanks for taking care of my Bale Tie wire needs. You guys have excellent customer service!!!